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Forcing a phone to a specific CM


I have a three CM cluster using 3.3(3)sr4a. The phones are either 7940's or 7960's. For testing purposes, I am trying to get just one phone to register on what would normally be a "backup" CM. I know one can assign static IP addresses, etc. But I don't see the option to force the first CM to a specific server. Anyone have any ideas if/how to do this?


Bill Talley

We created three different call manager groups and added all three call managers to each group. The call manager were listed in a prioritized order within each group. We then created three device pools and referenced the appropriate call manager group for each device pool. We then referenced the appropriate device pool for each phone.

For example:

Call Manager Groups

Group1 - CM1, CM2, CM3

Group2 - CM2, CM3, CM1

Group3 - CM3, CM1, CM2

Device Pools

Pool1 - Group1

Pool2 - Group2

Pool3 - Group3

Phone #1

Device Pool - Pool1

Phone #2

Device Pool - Pool2

Phone #3

Device Pool - Pool3

How do you set up the different call manager groups?

Never mind. I haven't had to do groups before. I figured it out. Thanks for your assistance.

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