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Recommended Headsets

Is there a list of best recommended headsets for use with the phones? I know that it just needs to be compatible, but many customers are looking for recommendations.

Please let me know.



Rob Huffman
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Hi Ohamien,

Headsets are a very personal choice, type of item as you know.Here is my two cents worth. On our campus the most popular "corded" headset is a Plantronics H-161 and the most popular "cordless" headset is a Plantronics CS50.

Both of these models work well with 7940,7960 and 7970 IP Phones.If you are ordering any Plantronics "corded" headsets make sure you order the proper cord which is Part# AMP-26716-01 to work with Cisco phones.

Here is what Cisco has to say about headsets:


Although Cisco Systems performs some internal testing of third-party headsets for use with the Cisco IP Phones, Cisco does not certify or support products from headset or handset vendors. Because of the inherent environmental and hardware inconsistencies in the locations where Cisco IP Phones are deployed, there is not a single "best" solution that is optimal for all environments. Cisco recommends that customers test the headsets that work best in their environment before deploying a large number of units in their network.

In some instances, the mechanics or electronics of various headsets can cause remote parties to hear an echo of their own voice when they speak to Cisco IP Phone users.

Cisco Systems recommends the use of good quality external devices, like headsets that are screened against unwanted radio frequency (RF) and audio frequency (AF) signals. Depending on the quality of these devices and their proximity to other devices such as cell phones and two-way radios, some audio noise may still occur. See the "Using External Devices with Your Cisco IP Phone" section for more information.

The primary reason that support of a headset would be inappropriate for an installation is the potential for an audible hum. This hum can either be heard by the remote party or by both the remote party and the Cisco IP Phone user. Some potential humming or buzzing sounds can be caused by a range of outside sources, for example, electric lights, being near electric motors, large PC monitors. In some cases, a hum experienced by a user may be reduced or eliminated by using a local power cube (CP-PWR-CUBE-2). See the "Safety and Performance" section for more information.

Subjective to the User

Beyond the physical, mechanical and technical performance, the audio portion of a headset must sound good to the user and the party on the far end. Sound is subjective and Cisco cannot guarantee the performance of any headsets or handsets, but some of the headsets and handsets on the sites listed below have been reported to perform well on Cisco IP Phones.

Nevertheless, it is ultimately still the customer's responsibility to test this equipment in their own environment to determine suitable performance.For information about headsets, see:

From this doc:

Hope this helps!


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We have been use those headset for long time. They are pretty good.

Here is the link:




Dont forget to look at headsets manufactured by Acoustical innovations.

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