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remote h.323 gateway drop conference calls


Recently I went to H.323 mode on a 1760 remote gateway. This was done to better support caller ID and SRST. This gateway services 6 POTS lines locally and has a T1 point to point to get back to the CCM cluster.

When I set up a MeetMe conference and then try connect a call on one of the POTS lines to the MeetMe, it drops the call.

The same thing happens when trying to directly conference a local extension and a caller on a POTS line.

I can however directly conference a local extension and a caller that can be reached out the T1 point to point line, which would be in the area codes local to the CCM cluster at headquarters.

I can also call in to headquartes and be transfered in to an existing MeetMe conference.

So, it seems that the issue is with the local POTS lins or the gateway. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

TIA - Mike

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Make sure that under the dial-peers G711 is configured and regions in CCM are correctly configured.

I would say this is a codec missmatch

Are you using SW Conference Bridge?



I'm not using a SW Conference Bridge that I am aware of. Just the default conference and MeetMe feature of CCM 4.1.

I'll look at the G711 in the dial-peers. I know that have it defined globally as the first prefernece. Also, I will look at regions and sees what I can see.

Thanks - Mike

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