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Return Network info LLDP / CDP on XML submit


Thank you in advance for any info. I am working on an XML application where I would like to use environmental info about the phone such as LLDP or CDP information. Does anyone know how to retrieve this info from a cisco phone?


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Some of the LLDP-type details may be available from the on-phone web pages, e.g. /DeviceInformationX (see attachment.)

In general SNMP-type phone info is available by proxy in the CUCM SNMP tables. 

Depending on what info you need, exactly, it might be retrievable via CUCM AXL or Risport APIs



I wasn't aware of these device information URLs can you share the link to this document? is there a URL for network information the equivalent to HTTP://<phone IP>/CGI/Java/Serviceability?

See the IPPS Development Notes doc here:

You may need to provide CUCM user credentials to access the phone via HTTP (i.e. of a user associated to the device), and finding the phone IP to send the HTTP GET is a hurdle as well.  Also depends on the phone web service not being administratively disabled.

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