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Sample Flash applications that can be embedded on DMD

Does anyone have any sample flash applications that read their configuration data from an external file and that can be embeded in a DMD presentation?

And MOST IMPORTANTLY with the .fla file?

The portal has plenty of samples but they are all stand alone applications no DMD embedding.

It seems we are all struggling with getting some dynamic content on the Displays things like:

  •      RSS Reader that does more than just the headline
  •      Weather Widget
  •      Image rotator
  •      Dynamic Table grid reading data from Web Service or XML file

I've got flash components working on the DMPs if I play them directly but the idea is to use them in the DMD.

Thanks for any help


We run a number of flash applications that pull external XML data.

A limitation in flash does not allow you to play flash apps unless you set up a cross-domain policy XML in your web server root that looks something like this:">

This is allowing all domains access to your flash with the use of the wildcard, but you might want to modify it to be more strict.

Also, if you have a 4310 DMP, you cannot embed flash using HTML. The DMD module that you are using must call the .swf directly. Also, the 4310 supports action script 2 only, not action script 3, so if your flash app is running AS3, it will not work.

If you have the 4400, you can do anything, including embedding flash files in HTML, and you can also use AS3.

For other types of Dyanmic HTML content, a 4310 will have a hard time. For any dynamic content that needs to be displayed on a screen, we run background routines that writes data out to image format. The 4310 is perfectly capable of displaying a jpeg.

Those are the general restrictions we've run into. If you have any specific questions, put them here and I'll let you know if we've run into it before and how we handled it.



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