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SnS 5.3 with MXE V3.3 and iDevice Support

The 5.3 release is really cool with the iDevice support.

However I'm stuck with the following situation:

PC user records a video with their PC Camera.

They save as a draft and then submit for review.

Reviewer publishes it.

Video appears on the iDevices with "Not Playable on mobile devices" on them.

What did I miss?

A user can upload a .WMV file and gets transcoded by the MXE and I can see that on the iDevices fine.

SO I have the MXE integration setup and working.

What am I missing?

Is this even suppose to work?


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SnS 5.3 with MXE V3.3 and iDevice Support


Few Questions :

1) Do you see the JOB that the USER sends (which the reviewer publishes) come into the MXE Job status ?

2) If yes, does the job make it to the deployment location ?

3) If it does, what is the file type of the trancoded job ?

4) I assume you have enabled the Mobile Integration, Show and Share --> Administration --> Manage --> Preferences and Settings. Check "Allow mobile access ..".

5) Have you selected WMV to be transcoded ?

6) What is the source file type that the user uploads to the SNS ?

7) Have you created proper Deployment location as per the Admin guide ?

What happens when you record a video from the iDevice and upload it to the SNS ? Does that workflow work (


Have you referred to : Guidelines and limitations ?

Let us know the response.

Sagar Dhanrale


Re: SnS 5.3 with MXE V3.3 and iDevice Support

Hi Sagar -

First thanks for your quick reply.

I have reviewed most of the documentation and I don't believe this limitation is covered.

The MXE intergration is working fine but that only covers if a users uploads a .WMV file.

I have tested it and that works perfect !

This is when a PC users choices to record a video directly inside of SnS.

So I believe that video is initially captured as a .FLV video (since there is an "EDIT" button).

This never results in a MXE job being submitted.

If I upload a Video that has a .flv extension that goes to the MXE fine.

That seems to work fine on the iDevices.

This seems to only happen when a user clicks "Record a Video"

Did I miss something?


Re: SnS 5.3 with MXE V3.3 and iDevice Support


Quick question : Does this flv ever get transcoded via MXE ?

WIll have to lab this out since I haven't tested this workflow. Will let you know the results hopefully by end of business.




Re: SnS 5.3 with MXE V3.3 and iDevice Support


Just finished setting up the lab, You are right ! This workflow does not work.

1) When a Video is recorded using the "Record Video" button on the SNS, It saves the file locally as *.FLV, This FLV file does not get sent to the MXE and therefore not transcoded to MP4.

2) iDevices do not understand Flash hence you get the error message.

This limitation about this particular workflow is not documented, I filed a new defect for the same DDTS#

CSCty43016, which should be viewable in the bug toolkit in the next 24 hours.

At this point there is no workaround for the same. I also tried downloading a copy of the recorded video and uploading it but it never completes publishing.


Sagar Dhanrale

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