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Nexus 7706 Switch

S.ashok S
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Level 1


I have received Nexus 7706 switch with two SUP engines, 10Gig Moudles 2 and one 40Gig module but the issue is my 40Gig module is denying the power supply due to unavailability of power, required  power supply is 750W (Available power supply is 695W).

There are three FAN modules, the allocated power supply for each module is 300W but consuming 18 or 20W, is there any way to reduce the allocated power supply from 300W to 200W so that the 40Gig line card can come up.

The below log from the switch:

fan1 N77-C7706-FAN 21 W 300 W Powered-Up
fan2 N77-C7706-FAN 21 W 300 W Powered-Up
fan3 N77-C7706-FAN 21 W 300 W Powered-Up

In the above output the consuming power is 21W each and the allocated power is 300W.

Kindly help us.

Thanks and regards,

Ashok Kumar S.

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Level 4
Level 4

Did you try using power redundancy-mode combined ?



This command displays the fan module status on the switch.

SITE1-AGG1# show environment fan
Fan             Model                Hw         Status
Fan1(sys_fan1)  N7K-C7706-FAN-S      1.1        Ok 
Fan2(sys_fan2)  N7K-C7706-FAN-S      1.1        Ok 
Fan3(fab_fan1)  N7K-C7706-FAN-F      1.1        Ok 
Fan4(fab_fan2)  N7K-C7706-FAN-F      1.1        Ok 
Fan_in_PS1      --                   --         Ok            
Fan_in_PS2      --                   --         Ok            
Fan_in_PS3      --                   --         Shutdown      
Fan Zone Speed: Zone 1: 0x78 Zone 2: 0x58
Fan Air Filter : Present

Fan status can be one of ok, failure or absent.

Ok – All fans including the fan controller are functioning properly
Failure – One or more fans or fan controller have failed. Software cannot determine if a single fan, multiple fans, or all fans have failed. If at least one fan has failed, this status is displayed. This priority 1 syslog message is printed: Fan module Failed.
Absent – Fan module has been removed. As soon as the fan module is removed, software starts a 5 minute countdown; if the fan module is not re-inserted within 5 minutes, the entire switch is shutdown. Software reads a byte on the Serial Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (SEEPROM)  to determine if the fan module is present. If the fan module is partially inserted or software is unable to access the SEEPROM on the fan module due to any other reason, software cannot distinguish this case from a real fan module removal. The switch will be shutdown in 5 minutes. If software detects a removal, this priority 0 syslog message is printed every 5 seconds.
“Fan module removed. Fan module has been absent for 120 seconds"
No explicit action is taken by software on a Power Supply fan failure, other than indicating such a failure using syslog messages.

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