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Nexus 9504 NX-OS - QoS Issues

Erich Schommarz
Level 1
Level 1

Dear Community

I'm fighting a little bit with the above HW and QoS. Good and easy documentation or examples I haven't found until now. So I hope that maybe somebody can give me some tips / examples how to implement.

On NX-OS you have the following three "system qos" statements:

  •     network-qos (Can be used for configuring MTU size and network wide statements)
  •     service-policy type queuing (Used for ingress and egress queuing)
  •     service-policy type qos (Used to classify traffic)

For Nexus 9504 MTU Size is configured directly on the interfaces. So in my case I will not use the "network-qos" statement. Ingress and Egress queuing I understand so far. My big issue is that I need to match / classify traffic and assign it to the accordingly qos-groups. So I progressed with configuring my "service-policy type qos" to match on cos and dscp. As soon I wanted to assign the policy I receive the following message:

HOF-N9504-04412-01(config-cmap-qos)# match dscp 46
Only match cos is supported in system type qos policy

So I progressed with configuring a service policy which matches on DSCP and can be assigned to the required interfaces. See below my configuration. As soon I wanted to assign it to the interfaces I received a message TCAM region is not configured.

So I configured TCAM qos-lite and everything worked as expected. As soon I went into production not all interfaces came up due to not enough TCAM Ressources:
Eth1/2        4506_HOF_03324_01  noTcamRes trunk     full    auto    1000base-SX

In the meantime I removed the TCAMS for qos-lite and removed my service policy on the interfaces.

And now I'm Stuck In Active :-). Always testing and rebooting due to TCAM carving makes live very difficult. More or less impossible.

So my question to the community. Has anybody implemented QoS on Nexus 9504 based on DSCP? If yes, what are the config statements for your implementation (TCAM Regions, QoS Statements, System-QoS)? Any other value input for me which I have to consider?

! --- Service Policy for INPUT-QoS TRUST-DSCP-INTERFACES ---    
class-map type qos match-any PRIORITY-DSCP-QOS    
 match dscp 40,46    14.02.1900
 match cos 5    
class-map type qos match-any CONTROL-AND-MEDIA-DSCP-QOS    
 match dscp 16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34,36,38,48    17.01.1900
 match cos 2-4    
class-map type qos match-any BULK-DATA-SCAVENGER-DSCP-QOS    
 match dscp 8,10,12,14    09.01.1900
 match cos 1    
policy-map type qos DC-1P3Q_INTERFACE-TRUST-DSCP-QOS    
 class type qos PRIORITY-DSCP-QOS    
  set qos-group 3    
 class type qos CONTROL-AND-MEDIA-DSCP-QOS    
  set qos-group 2    
 class type qos BULK-DATA-SCAVENGER-DSCP-QOS    
  set qos-group 1    
 class type qos class-default    
  set qos-group 0    
interface port-channel x    
 service-policy type qos input DC-1P3Q_INTERFACE-TRUST-DSCP-QOS    
Unable to perform the action due to incompatibility:  Module 1 returned status "TCAM region is not configured. Please configure TCAM region and retry the command"

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