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"tracking" in NX7K vPC domain couldn't trigger role switchover

Level 2
Level 2

I configured vPC domain tracking between a pair of NX7009 (Sup2). It tracks two uplink ports and the vPC peer-link. However when the tracking object was "down", there was no change of vPC role between the 2 NX7009. Here is the config on both NX7009:

track 1 interface port-channel1 line-protocol

track 2 interface port-channel100 line-protocol

track 3 interface ethernet3/18 line-protocol

track 10 list boolean OR

object 1

object 2

object 3

vpc domain 1

track 10

Port-channel 1 is the peer-link. Port-channel 100 is one uplink and Ethernet3/18 is another uplink. When track 10 was "down", the vPC primary switch remained operational primary.

I changed boolean OR to boolean AND. There was no role change either when track 10 was shown as "down".

Any advice? Thanks a lot

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Jayakrishna Mada
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi gwhuang5398

I just tried your configuration in my lab setup and I was able to trigger the failover without any issue. All I can say is that the configuration works.

What version of NX-OS are you running on the boxes.

Check the secondary to see if the Seconday has become operational primary. The primary might still show Primary because it got isolated from the secondary as we ceeze sending keep-alives as well.

Can you paste the output of show track brief and show vpc before and after the interfaces are down from both nexus switches.



Thanks for the message. I was able to see role switchover from the secondary device. When I was looking at "show vpc role" from the primary device, it didn't indicate role switchover from the output. Like you said, it was showing "primary" on the previous primary device.

Thanks again.

Glad I was able to help, when you get a chance Mark the questions as answered or resolved. Also see if you are entitled to open a case at in future for any help on pre-production environment.