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Enhanced VPC doubt

   Hi, I was going through the documentation for enhanced VPC and had some doubtsA FEX can be:-1) Single homed to  N5K/N7K2) Dual homed to  N5K/N7KIf scenario 1, Do i have to create a VPC just to connect a server that has 2 NICs homed to FEX1 and FEX...


Nexus 1000v.  Some of the Cisco documents I have seen indicate it is ok to combine two or all of the interfaces for the Nexus 1000v.We would like to combine control and packet on one NIC and keep mgmt on a separate NIC (vlan) in a L2 deployment.Unfor...

dulmer by Beginner
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Data center vs mdf?

Hello,My question is,What is the difference between a data center and an MDF. I know the ISP line always drops into the MDF. Is that the same with a data center? If so, to me it seem like a data center is just a very large mdf that needs alot of cool...

VPc and Firewall Gateway

Hi.I have dual VPc setup betwen 7K and 5K.Two firewalls will be connected to each 7K that will act as Active-Standby HSRP/VRRP Gateway to hosts.Say I have hosts in vlan 10 in access switch and gateway is set to be the Firewall.Is the HSRP communicati...

ar by Beginner
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Nexus 1010 Telnet

Dear Friends,I have setup a single nexus 1010. I have done the followingAssigned device role as primaryAssigned Mgmt 0 IP addressAssigned subnet maskAssigned control, management vlan. Assigned Domain IDSelected Option 1 for network topologyEnabled te...

X2-10GB-LRM is not working with N7K-M108X2-12L line card in Nexus 7K

                   Hello Everyone,I'm facing an issue with my Nexus 7010 running on 5.1(3)Issue :: My N7K has a line card N7K-M108X2-12L installed in it and i need to use X2-10GB-LRM with this line cad.But this LRM module is not working with this lin...

Resolved! N5548P with NX-OS 5.0(3)N2(1) wont work with 2248TP and 2232PP with pre-installed Fabric Extender OS

Hi,We recently bought 2 N5K and 4 N2K Fabric extenders, now we are having problem installing the fabric extenders as the FEX just wont go up.switch(config-fex)# sh fex 100 detailFEX: 100 Description: ADM/128-SVF-NS302   state: Offline  FEX version: 4...