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Reviewing and Comparing New Data Center Vs Current Data Center

Hi All,


I need suggestion with people with DR build experience.


I am task to review a new Data Center build to compare with the current Data Center to ensure that the new DC is operating at the minimum the same way the current DC is operating and/or provide recommendation for efficient performance. The objective is nothing must break in the new DC. 


I will appreciate suggestions how to approach such detail review. Please let me know if anyone need more clarifications.




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This required lot of information gathering, it's not just a few line answers to be honest, as we can just say build like X but this may not be suitable for the business or environment.


1. If you looking replica of DC, that means you need to have the same capacity of setup and resource available. if DC 1 fails all services move to DC2

2. or you looking Active/Active DC you need to re-balance the service and stretched VLAN both the DC.

3. You need to Look the Underlay and Overlay to connect both the DC, so your layer 2 stretched and communicated each other.


here the resources to start with :



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Thanks for the response. Well let me break down the ask further. For example if the log architecture in the current Dc is such that Corp logs pass through Load Balancer before getting to SIEM. It is expected that such operation should be same in the new DC. 


So its a review of current DC to new DC to make sure in terms of operation, they are operating the same way or point out gaps or provide a recommendation for better efficiency.


A starting point that comes to my mind is the architecture diagrams, but alone can't guarantee that both DC will operate the same way. 


So I need thoughts from people who have build a DR. How do they ensure the new DC Network Infrastructure is same with the current DC. Copying same config to each other? what if they are changes in the equipments used in the new DC.

Need insights from experience DR build.




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