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Supervisor Module per Nexus7K

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Level 1

We are positioning the nexus 7K pair as the core switch. We are creating VDC and configuring VPC. Since we are creating VPC  we are making the pair act as a single switch. Would it be ok to place only one supervisor per 7K. Eventually the one logical switch has two supervisor.

Just a wild though to cut costs. Any valuable inputs are welcome.

PS: I understand that we  having a supervisor pair helps maintain uptime in each of the switch. But just to understand what would be the drawbacks.

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Evren Sen
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Vibeesh, I have seen that configuration in very few occasions, mainly to cut costs. Those customers usually add the redundant sups later. In addition to the drawbacks you have listed and you may have thought of; I could add ISSU. ISSU will not work hitless with a single supervisor in a single chassis. Compromising ISSU will need some more strict maintenance planning in the case of upgrade.

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