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Adding a server to an existing VTP domain


We are phasing out a 5500 switch and setting up a 6500 catalyst in its place. The 5500 is set up as the only VTP server and connected to other switches using ISL trunking. The 6500 will be connected to the domain as a second VTP server.

My question is: the minute the 6500 is connected to the VTP domain as a second server, which one of the 2 servers would come on top and replicate its VTP database?

In other words, would the new VTP server wipe out the existing server's VTP database?

Thanks in advance.

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It will only wipeout if it has a config revision higher than the existing server in the same domain.

Make sure that is not the case.

Thanks for the answer. Here is another question: is it possible to enable Version2 mode or pruning in this case?


In addition to chetan's comment check out this tech tip

It also discusses how you can reset the config revision if your 6500 is higher. (basically to rename the vtp domain name with a bogus name and then back to original one)

Thanks Balaji, that document is very helpful although it claims that when a VTP client with a higher config revision is connected to the domain, it would -just like a server- erase the VLAN information!?


Yes, a client can erase the VLAN information on other switches if its config rev is higher then the other server/client switches. The only thing the switches look at is the config rev and they don't care if it came from a server or a client.

Just guarantee that the new switch that you want as the server has the highest config rev in the group of switches tied together before you plug it in.

HTH, Erick

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