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Can we use Management port of Cisco ASR1002 for actual traffic? if yes how.


We have cisco ASR1002 router as WAN MPLS router. We want to use management port gigethernet0 for traffic and connect the core switch with that. Will that work? 

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Gigabit Ethernet Management Interface Overview

The purpose of this interface is to allow users to perform management tasks on the router; it is basically an interface that should not and often cannot forward network traffic but can otherwise access the router, often via Telnet and SSH, and perform most management tasks on the router.



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Leo Laohoo
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Management port is only for management (aka Out-of-Band Management or OoBM) and not for production traffic.


no, you cannot use it for anything but mgmt functions, as the mgmt interface is vrf aware, and to my knowledge cannot be changed.

one caveat is that you cannot use the mgmt interface for netflow. But you can for any other "mgmt" type function

Joseph W. Doherty
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Cannot say for an ASR1002 whether it's possible or not (likely not, also noted as not by other posters), but multiple years ago, I worked with another engineer who did that on a 7200 platform (so I recall).

He quickly discovered that interface could not handle more traffic than you generally saw while using a telnet session.

So, as also noted by the other posters, even if you can, more than likely, you would have a very poorly performing interface.

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