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Cant get to rommon mode on Cisco 892

Irakli G.

Hello Everyone

I have an issue regarding to Cisco 892 router. I want to get into the rommon mode but I cant because it doesn't not react on break command. 


Have you had that king of issue?


Thanks in advance

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Hi @Irakli G. 

 It can be key board detail. Make sure you fall into one of this case or try them all.

Standard Break Key Combinations

Software Platform Operating System Try This
Hyperterminal IBM Compatible Windows XP Ctrl-Break
Hyperterminal IBM Compatible Windows 2000 Ctrl-Break
Hyperterminal IBM Compatible Windows 98 Ctrl-Break
Hyperterminal (version 595160) IBM Compatible Windows 95 Ctrl-F6-Break
Kermit Sun Workstation UNIX Ctrl-\l
MicroPhone Pro IBM Compatible Windows Ctrl-Break
Minicom IBM Compatible Linux Ctrl-a f
ProComm Plus IBM Compatible DOS or Windows Alt-b
SecureCRT IBM Compatible Windows Ctrl-Break
Telix IBM Compatible DOS Ctrl-End
Telnet N/A N/A Ctrl-], then type  send brk
Telnet to Cisco IBM Compatible N/A Ctrl-]
Teraterm IBM Compatible Windows Alt-b
Terminal IBM Compatible Windows Break
Tip Sun Workstation UNIX Ctrl-], then Break or Ctrl-c
VT 100 Emulation Data General N/A F16
Windows NT IBM Compatible Windows Break-F5
Shift-6 Shift-4 Shift-b (^$B)
Z-TERMINAL Mac Apple Command-b
N/A Break-Out Box N/A Connect pin 2 (X-mit) to +V for half a second
Cisco to aux port N/A Control-Shft-6, then b
IBM Compatible N/A Ctrl-Break

Thank you for your quick response.
I'd like to know if it possible for router to not to response on break
command at all?
I use Windows 10 and putty for serial connections. And I never had this
problem before with other cisco devices.
I know that there is command: service password recovery and if I disable it
will be imposible to break IOS normal loading process.

As I see there might not be used that command at all, because as I
remember, while router restarts it must prompt on terminal that password
recovery service is disabled.
So I guess if I dont get that message on terminal means that there is not
used that command.

Yes, you should be alerted if the command were used.

 I dont believe the device will not respond to break what might be hapanning is the key sequence is not getting right to the device.

Did you try those combination I shared ?

No I haven't tried it yet. But I definitely try it later.

So you think that keyboard combination that we have to use also depends on
device that we are going to connect and not only on operating system?

Sure it is. Not all cisco device expect for Breat as boot interruption.

OK. I will try and later I will update discussion.

Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

What's the config-reg setting?

Irakli G.

Hello, it was cable problem, I used CH340 USB To RS232 DB9 Serial Port Converter Cable.


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