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cisco hubs model 2926 and boca hubs


help, im doing my homework, any information will be greatly apreciated

A small medium enterprise co. has been utilizing cisco hubs model 2926 and boca hubs in a cascading hub configuration between the end users and the servers. Meaning the hubs are linked to each other without a network backbone. There are 4 cisco hubs - one on each floor in the network closet and one in the server room. boca hubs have been added to accommodate the additional users on each floor. the number of users have steadily grown to the point that connectivity issues have increased and functionally has been deteriorated-most notably are early morning and printer operations.

* 32 users in the a/p dept on the 2nd fl.

* 42 users in Accounting and a/r on the 1st fl.

* 25 users in the MIS dept and payroll in the basement

*print rooms are located on each floor

there are 250 remote offices that use dial up modems twice daily to connect to the corporate offices.

Utilizing WEB based information on the cisco and boca hubs develop a network migration plan to move towards a traditional backbone configuration for the corporate office and a frame rela for the remote offices.


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I'm not clear as to what your question is, but if you are concerned about the performance degradation in your network, I would say that this is probably caused by the fact that you have set up one large broadcast domain. If your entire network is connected by several hubs, then the broadcast traffic will be propogated throughout the entire building. I would suggest working with a network design specialist to determine where to place a switch/router to optimize network performance.

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