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ERSPAN not working. 9k is the source and 3548 is the destination.

Sougata Roy

The configuration is fine, the session at the destination switch is fine and up but at the source switches it is down.

CoreSwitch01.SC.US# sh monitor session 1
session 1
type : erspan-source
state : down (Unsupported route (e.g. tunnel, lo, ranger)) <<<-------
erspan-id : 1
vrf-name : default
acl-name : acl-name not specified
ip-ttl : 255
ip-dscp : 0
destination-ip : x.x.x.x
origin-ip : x.x.x.x (global)
source intf : 
rx : Eth101/1/39 Eth101/1/40 Eth103/1/6 
tx : Eth101/1/39 Eth101/1/40 Eth103/1/6 
both : Eth101/1/39 Eth101/1/40 Eth103/1/6 
source VLANs : 
rx : 
tx : 
both : 
filter VLANs : filter not specified
source fwd drops : 

marker-packet : disabled
packet interval : 100
packet sent : 0
packet failed : 0
egress-intf : 
PFC On Interfaces :

Destination Switch:

monitor session 1 type erspan-destination
erspan-id 1
source ip x.x.x.x
destination interface Ethernet1/47
no shut

Source IP and destination IP (in destination and source switches) are same. Origin is a loopback interface on the switch. Route is good. They are reachable. Route is available through vlan 400.

Any help is appreciated.

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