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Help in solving WIFI broadcasting using UDP


I am trying to do broadcast udp over wifi . I am surprised that while broadcast is working over wifi in my home router. It is not working on my corporate network. does corporate network prevent broadcasting and has added security parameters?

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Joseph W. Doherty
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Extra security for corporate WiFi broadcast? Not that I recall, although years ago Cisco WiFi AP weren't able to well support a broadcast stream (so much so, our Fortune 100 company had to move to Brand X). Unable to say how Cisco current equipment performs.

We have an application which is trying to a central server very frequently. To reduce the server load our architect has decided to broadcast messages between internal computers . The problem is on corporate WiFi no message is getting sent between two different computers even on the same subnet. I have a cisco aironet 1000 series Wireless Access point. I have no idea how to set it up. Do you have any knowledge of working with this kind of devices?



Corp wifi can have extra security. Your home router wifi probably allows everything.

example - usually ... the home router allows the device to device communication on the same SSID but with Meraki, you can block device to device traffic on same SSID.

Just wondering.. what is it you are trying to broadcast on your corp wifi ;)

Why i reached to the conclusion that broadcast is getting blocked is because wireshark is not detecting any incoming message from broadcast address. I think wireshark should show the message. BTW have you tried Cisco Systems Aironet 1000 series Wireless Access point. The device is quite old and there is no documentation of how to set up this router.

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