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ISDN switching between BRI / PRI channels



I have ISDN terminals (Video Conference) connected to ISDN BRI ports, and I have a ISDN Pri interface connected to the public network. Both interfaces are in the same router. Is it possible for a router (like 3660, 37xx) to act like an ISDN switch ? For example an ISDN terminal want to make a video conference with another external ISDN terminal using some ISDN PRI channels to go out. Another question, is it possible to use other unused channels to call to public network?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Regards, Ana

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Georg Pauwen
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from what I understand from your question, you want your BRI interfaces/channels to communicate with your PRI and vice versa ? In general, the PRI and BRI interfaces act just like normal routing interfaces. Does the PRI have a public IP address ? If so, you could use NAT (make your BRI the inside and your PRI the outside).

Maybe you can post your config ?


Georg Pauwen

I don't have the config yet. I'll have ISDN video conferencing terminals connected to the BRI ports. They want to make conference calls between each, and sometimes with an external ISDN terminal, so they have the router act as an ISDN switch to "switch" the BRI ports with PRI channels. I think is not a routing concern, but a data link layer. Eventually, some channels of the ISDN/PRI interface can be used for PSTN calls. Regards, Ana

Did you ever resolve this? I have the same requirement.

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