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Nexus 7K and NGFW 2130 Active/Active Firewall configuration

Alex Pfeil
Rising star
Rising star

I currently have two 2130 firewalls deployed in an active/standby deployment. I was thinking of some different ways that I could use both of them in an active/active way with some type of automatic failover.  I was hoping to find a solution instead of just making it up as I go along.

The firewalls are connected to separate pairs of Nexus 7Ks in two different Data Centers connected by OTV.

My throw together idea is to have the inside IP addresses be different with equal cost static routes, use different NAT IP addresses for the outside and then work on figuring out ways to ensure a complete automatic failover process. For the inside, if one device were to go down, we would automatically start routing to the other firewall due to the static routes. Even though I definitely believe I can get this working, it would be easier to sell to the business if I had a solution.

A couple of constraints are that I am not going to purchase different firewalls, I would like to run NGFW code in the near future (current ASA), and the firewalls will remain connected to the Nexus 7Ks.

I was looking at Nexus Internet Traffic Director, but it seems I would have to put both Firewalls in the same DC. Any way around that?

If there are any available solutions, please let me know.


Thank you in advance!

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