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Problem with removing span session in RTM v1.4 for a NAM


I have 4 6509s switches (7.3(2) CatOS) with NAM-1 cards (2.2(1a). I can manage all 4 switches from RTM and RTM sees all 4 NAM cards. With RTM, I set up a span session of 15/1 to the NAM on 2 switches, and a trunk link to the NAM on the other 2 switches. RTM showed statistics for all 4 span sessions in RTM Traff Mon. However, If I try removing the span sessions via RTM, it works for the two switches with 15/1 spanned, but not on the other 2. I get an error message from RTM for each switch:

ue Nov 26 18:00:19 GMT 2002: Protocol write error., Details: device=; SnmpResponseInconsistentValue; SnmpResponseInconsistentValue on while performing SnmpSet at index = 0; User: admin; Device: 20MSW-SD-LGC01 (, Severity: 4, Code: 8009

RTM has had sp4 applied (patch level 313)

Any ideas. If I remove the span session manually through the switch CLI, how will this affect RTM?

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Couple of things here to check for the NAMs which are giving the above error:

- The SNMP community strings on the switch as seen in the 'sh snmp' output matches exactly with the output of 'show snmp' on the NAM CLI.

- You can ping the NAM's ip address from the RTM server.

- You can either SPAN from the switch CLI or from the RTM server but not both at the same time since doing so will over write the previous SPAN settings. RTM uses SNMP to do the SPAN on the switch. So, if you use the CLI, then you do not need to use the RTM to do the same. One thing that you can try is to delete this switch from RTM, do a 'set span disable' on the switch, do a 'config clear' on the NAM, reboot the NAM, once the NAM comes back online, add the switch back again in RTM and then try to span/remove span again. Caution: doing a 'config clear' on the NAM will remove all RMON data from the NAM tables meaning you will loose all the RMON collections already done on the NAM. NAM config will remain intact.

- Not sure if you know that or not, NAM-1 have a built-in Traffic Analyzer (RTM) into it's software which does the same stuff as RTM. All you need to do is enable the ip http or https server on the NAM, configure the http or https server port and then point to the NAM's ip address via web browser to access the GUI. See for more details on this if you're interested.

If you do use the CLI to change the SPAN settings, make sure that you "relearn" the switch in RTM so that it will recognize the changes that you made.

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