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Redirecting traffic w/ NAT


Well suffice it to say i have moved onto the next step of NAT after tackling the last problem. It was solved thanks to much help from thisisshanky. anyways to be honest the terms are confusing me. i'm at the point now where i want to redirect traffic and ports. i have one public ip. for example say i have two internal servers one email and the other web. how would i redirect traffic bound for my public ip and to the appropirate internal servers?

where i get confused is when i get to the command line and have

RouterA(config)#ip nat ?

inside Inside address translation

outside Outside address translation

now which one do i pick. do you pick inside if your redirecting traffic going inside to outside or ouside to inside? also when do i choose outside? when traffic outside coming in? or traffic inside going out?

also when i get by that part you have a source and destination. the descriptions next to the coomands don't help much you could enlighten me some more? thanks! i mean is it the destination on the internal or external network? etc also i didn't see an option for icmp, only tcp and udp

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Frequent Contributor

Regarding the commands:

ip nat inside is applied on the inside interface of the Router.i.e the interface on which the internal servers are located and natting is done for the traffic from inside going out.The ip nat outside command is applied on the outside interface or the interface through which the router connects to the Internet and the translation is done for traffic coming from outside to inside.

Inside network-------------Router---------------outside

(inside int) (outside int)

This doc might help you too.

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