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Looking for SNMP Trap Monitoring tools

I am looking for some ideas on a cheap/free SNMP trap monitoring tool. I receive SNMP traps from one of our carriers that gives us some insight on circuit issues that we are unable to monitor ouselves. The issue is that while a problem exists we get an snmp trap from them every 5 minutes until the issue is cleared. The volume of these alerts is way to much to present to our NOC. I am using solarwinds to recieve the trap and pull out the circuit ID. What I need is something that can recieve this text in some form from solar winds that can then write to a windows event log, however I need it to only write each individual unique text string once every 4 hours. I have been searching google for something like this but so far have come up short.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts that might point me in the right direction on how to acomplish this I would appreciate it.

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