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Network Slow transfer file


I am from Indonesia I have problem in my network after I install Switch Catalys 2900 and Catalyst 2900xp. My server and workstation are macintosh.

Question :

Why this happen ?, some of my computer 100BT Dupplex:Full some of them 10BT Dupplex : half,.

I turn off the spanning tree because if it on the network will down and loss connection from the Appleshare file server.

Thankyou and please .


Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru Hall of Fame Guru
Hall of Fame Guru

I ran into the same issue and what we did was enable portfast. I still left spanning tree enabled. Hope this helps.

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I did port fast enable but no for spanning tree, if I turn on (enable) spanning tree old apple computer ie: LC III/PowerPC 6200 some 6400 will loss connection from the Appleshare file server.


You should hardcode the Duplex and Speed on all server, router and uplink ports to other switches. You may find it necessary to just set the duplex and speed on every port and hardcode it in the OS as well. Can you hardcode the duplex and speed on Macs?


jk, CCNP

Could you please give more information how I do it to hardcode the dupplex and speed om mac ?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Here is a link that should be helpful in troubleshooting the problem:

yes I did hard code each port , 100BT half Dupplex computer to same speed at the switch port, full dupplex, 10BT, etc.

But my network still has problem, slow when I transfer file.


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