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CS-MARS and WCS logs

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Currently I'm implementing a CS-MARS solution where the first task is to get it successfully monitoring our logging from WCS. Unfortuantely MARS doesn't support WCS and requires a custom parser to be built so that it understands the logs.

I was wondering if anyone had done this yet. I'm having some trouble getting information on all of the logs from WCS to create an proper parser for it in MARS.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Yes, we have tried this. Although technically, it can be done, it requires, as you say, custom work. And from what we saw, it was not reasonable. This is a weakness in the current MARS/WCS relationship.

I have spoken with both Business Units and they are currently working on a more integrated support. I do not have a timeframe as of yet, but Cisco realizes the value of this integration and as soon as I have the release date, I will post it.

Awesome. That confirms my status of "in a bad place" with this particular project.

Is there a location where I can get a comprehensive list of the log messages from a WCS?

I haven't been able to find one; an example of what I'm looking for would be like what is there for almost every other devices from Cisco like this:

If I could find a list like this for the WCS I believe I would have an easier time of it...

I was not able to find any documentation on the messages from WCS. I have made a request to the Wireless BU to help find this info, but have not heard back from them yet. I will post what they come back to me with. Sorry for the delay on this...

We were not able to find that info last year either when we set up our PCI Validation LAB, but had made several requests for product enhancements to both CS-Mars and WCS product teams.

Should I prod the product manager Dewan ?

Sure - why not?

MARS support for wireless controllers is planned for an upcoming release of MARS (Q4 CY 2008 timeframe).

Please contact your Cisco SE/AM/CSE who can get more details from the MARS BU for this.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

See earlier discussion notes for immediate status.

The good news is that apparrently wireless 4.2 will have controller events roll up into MARs.

I can't understand how Cisco is always behind in supporting their own products. Anyway, we are going to be implementing WCS as well.

Is it possible to send logs to a syslog server? If so that is what we will do and forward logs to CS-MARS.

If not how about CSM? We are in the process if implementing that as well. We are currently waiting on a new server though.

The problems arise from Cisco not actually making all these products but rather purchasing companies. So these aren't really Cisco's products!!! They are products other company made and Cisco just bought their companies. So, they are frequently left with making different products from different acquisitions work together.

In this case Mars came from the Protego acquisition, while WCS came from the Airespace acquisition.

In all they do a very good job of this process, and in the past their have been many cases where Cisco has taken a few quarters after the acquisitions to get it all working smoothly.

such as in

Catalyst Switches -> cisco IP Phones

Cisco Pix FW -> VPN Concentrator Tunnels

VPN Concentrator -> Tacacs Server

In the mean time just explain what I said to your boss, and he'll understand.


I could see what you are saying if we were talking about quarters but we aren't, we're talking about years. Cisco bought protego more than 2 years ago. I'm not sure how long they have had the wireless but it is also more than a year. Somehow we were given the impression that the two were compatible and they are not, MARS can be no more than a Syslog server to WCS without some major surgery.

MARS support for WCS is shipping now. This includes native support for WCS messages in MARS appliances.

Please contact your SE/AM for further details.

I certainly will contact them but I believe the support is in the Gen2 systems which were not available at our time of purchase.

So now, we have a Gen1 system and no support for the purpose of the purchase.