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Lab setup for CCNA R&S CCNA/CCNP Security

Good Afternoon All,

New to the Cisco world and looking for advise on setting up home lab to get my CCENT, CCNA R&S and then CCNA/CCNP Security. I have been researching online to find the best equipment to use but not 100% sure what I need. Amazon and Ebay have premade kits that claim to be for the exams. Would like to ask the experts what your recommendations would be for the equipment.  Also wondering when is it likely that the CCNA/CCP Security books are going to be revised. I noticed that the current Cisco Press books for Security are from 2015 and if newer edition are being release soon along with a new version of the exam.

Community Manager

Re: Lab setup for CCNA R&S CCNA/CCNP Security

Welcome Luis!

There are lots of very knowledgeable folks in this community who I'm sure will chime in with advice.  You might also try the Learning Network study groups found here: Featured Groups - The Cisco Learning Network

Denise Brittin

Manager, Portfolio & Customer Community Programs


Re: Lab setup for CCNA R&S CCNA/CCNP Security

GNS3 will work.

this is a best practice tool you can use for practice.


Re: Lab setup for CCNA R&S CCNA/CCNP Security

You should also take a look at Cisco VIRL (Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab Personal Edition).  It's $199 for a 1 year license, but provides actual Cisco backed firmware for a ton of Cisco devices.  You can create complex networks of up to 20 devices all in a virtual space.  Being that it's so powerful it's also somewhat complex.  But I've personally found it to be the best for modeling very intricate networks and replicating real life devices in a lab environment.  You can even copy and paste actual configurations back and forth between virtual lab and real hardware.