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Could the Mobile Internet ruin Nokia?

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Nokia has been riding at the top of the mobile handset game for a long long time. So it strikes me as a real shock to read TelecomTV  article today "Nokia not prepared for smartphone onslaught" highlighting that Apple may have knocked Nokia out of first place as being world's most profitable handset vendor.

More striking is comment that Nokia "does not rule out" selling off the handset division. I'm waiting to read that was a typo.

David Alstrom offers us intrigue and insight in his blog on Android where there appears to be a shifting of the guard for supplying "small arms" for the Mobile Internet Revolution.

In an earlier blog post for Mobile Internet Odyssey I reflect on witnessing a changing of the guard when www joined the Internet, and how it stands to reason there will likely be a changing of the guard as mobile network operators turn more and more to Internet and IP solution vendors.

But it's mind boggling to think a super power like Nokia could get caught off guard for handsets. Heresy? Rumor?

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