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Hi,I have a working EVPN Port Active Setup where one PE is active and one Standby as expected.The part that escapes me is the modulo operation to determine which PE is active and which is standbyIt appears that this is an odd/even 'modulo 2' operatio...

Hello EngineersI need to ask if i can learn CCNP SPCOR even i don't work in ISP company.I mean when i have time i love and enjoy how the ISP engineers work in company and the ISP network how is connected.And my knowledge is CCNA level.What recommende...

Hi All, we are running CV 4.1.3 and have a few sensors connected and ingesting data in CV.. working well sofar. However i have some questions that i cannot find on the admin guides or cisco.. hope someone here can assist. Q1 – Vulnerability updates –...

ants_sec by Beginner
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I've been a CCIE for over 20 years and have connected a few dozen companies redundantly via BGP to the Internet over that time.  It's been about 5 years since the last time I brought up redundant BGP routed ISP connections, and maybe I didn't do as m...

Hello, Try as I might I cant find a document that says;"How to activate encryption on an ASR 1001" or "activating ip advanced features" on the ASR 1001.Can anyone help please. My Kit list. Cisco ASR1001 System,Crypto, 4 built-in GE, Dual P/S         ...

c-davies by Beginner
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