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How to view licenses in ASR?

We have purchased a couple of ASR routers each with 16k RTU BB licenses. How can I check the licenses have been applied?

There does not seem to be any "show licence", "show subsys licence" etc... commands. Can't see anything in any of the IOS XE guides looked at either.

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Collin Clark
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Just a shot in the dark, but what about a 'show version'?

I have tried all the obvious things, including 'show version' which is why the query.

There are some other posts around which seem to say they are maybe not viewable, not sure if the licence limit is currently an honesty feature

Hi, same to me, i need an automated solution to collect all licenses in the network. I think, i'll have to scan the shipping-notes to find out, wich licenses are here...

did you find this one already:

scytmax - IBS Platformix

2. Can you explan to me, how licensing schema for ASR are working?

For example: some features on PIX/ASA don't working without activation-key command. Is it true for ASR? For example, will be this router works for my 900 PPPoE sessions without FLASR1-BB-RTU/

Or will be IPsec VPN's works without FLASR1-IPSEC-RTU? Or this license types describes so called "AS-TRUST"-model - i.e. it's need for appropriate use for commercial purposes. But if I will want to test this functions at LAB - can I test this functions without license?


2. We are using the honor system. So as long as the correct IOS XE release is selected, the feature should just work.

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