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Query on Segment Routing

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Hi Cisco, 

I am working on Segment Routing and got few doubts.


1 : Release in which all the feature of segment rouing we can use in IOS-XE and XR both ?


In many of the links I see that its mentioned:

- Segment Routing Adjacency SID Advertisement :Cisco IOS-XE Release 3.17
- Cisco IOS XE Release 3.17S (Access/Edge Routing), Segment routing configuraiton guide.
- Effective with Cisco IOS-XE Release 16.3, multiple adjacency-SIDs are supported
- Effective with Cisco IOS-XE Release 3.17, Segment Routing with mapping server
- Segment Routing Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE Everest 16.6


Please confirm the IOS-XE release where we can use all the feature of segment routing.


2 : Which command help to check the Prefix-SID ( Node SID ) and Adj-SID on both IOS-XE and XR ?

I know the command where I can get the Prefix-SID :

ASR903#show ip ospf segment-routing sid-database

OSPF Router with ID ( (Process ID 1)

OSPF Segment Routing SIDs

Flags: L - local, N - label not programmed,
M - mapping-server

SID Prefix/Mask
-------- ------------------
100 (L)
200 (N)
600 (N)

Also please confirm if Prefix-SID and index are the same thing ?


3. In which condition I see the segment-routing conflicts ?


TN-LAB-KKH-T1-ST-MCN-MRT-CA93-R1#show ip os segment-routing conflicts

OSPF Router with ID ( (Process ID 1)

OSPF Segment-Routing conflicting/unused Prefix-SIDs

Flags: AL - label allocation failed, DP - Conflicting prefix, DS - Conflicting SID,
EL- Exceeded Local SRGB range, EN - Exceeded Nexthop SRGB range.

Prefix/Mask SID LSA type/ID/advertizing-router Nexthop nhflags
------------------ ---------- ----------------------------------- --------------- ------ 200 10/ EL 600 10/ EL


Also confirm :

- I am able to see nhflag as EL = Exceeded Local SRGB range
- I used the range 800 899 = 100 , and have very few prefixes. Then why it is showing Exceeded Local SRGB range ?


4. Without making RSVP tunnel UP, can I make segment routing tunnel UP as I need to setup a tunnel from S to D. Or with LDP there is a seperate configuration ?


5. Can you please provide any link which has full segment-routing configuration with OSPF on XE and XR both ?


- all the links provided on the cisco web site is just for explanatio but no link is with full configuration and outputs.


Let me know if any of the query is you did not understand. I will help you on that.






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Level 1
Level 1

Can anyone reply from Cisco or anyone who worked on SG extensively ?