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Utilizing the BGP signaled EVPN on the ASR920 platform

The core of the question, is this possible? 

I'm a beginner in the networking field, but I've found myself assisting with the configuration of EVPN across a service provider network. The rest of my team are somewhat new to EVPN in general, but do have a working config up inside the core parts of the network. Currently, we have EVPN working between NCS5501's and ASR9901's. With two ASR9901's acting as BGP "servers," if that's the right word. The 9901's act as route-reflectors as well and ensure that all the NCS5501's have the know the MAC addresses associated with whatever Bridge-Domains they are a member of. OSPF is used to glue all the nodes together. We are upgrading what was an old flat network into a purely layer 3 network. However the process isn't happening all at once and we need the new equipment to work with their old equipment while it's getting phased out. Hence the layer 2 network on top of the layer 3 network.


I'm trying to figure out how the ASR920s we have will fit into this environment. We originally wanted to use them as EVPN endpoints. But as I keep looking it up, I'm not sure if my understanding is just too low right now or if it just isn't possible on the ASR920. But it looks like it's not possible. Is this the case? The NCS5501 and ASR9901 are running IOS-XR obviously while the ASR920 runs IOS-XE. The syntax in the configuration is clearly different at the very least.


If anybody has done anything similar to this the help would be appreciated.



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Re: Utilizing the BGP signaled EVPN on the ASR920 platform


regarding ASR920 platform, you can run EVPN only for p2p vpws services (EoMPLS like).
This setup supports only single homed scenario where you have point to point vc.
you can refer to the documentation below for additional details. I suggest to run at least 16.9.3 code if you want to test this feature.






Re: Utilizing the BGP signaled EVPN on the ASR920 platform

Thanks, this is actually the article I was reading. I'll go over it again and try and understand how it might integrate with what we've done already.
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