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Creating KVMs for ios XE - Documentation links broken

I am wanting to create KVM VMs to run on ios XE, starting with the Cisco CSR 1000v.

I went to to get information. However almost all links for sample code, guides, references point to and are all broken. I cannot find decent documentation and examples on how to go about it. Anyone has a better resource? Or links that actually work?

Cisco Employee

Hi - 


Thanks so much for reporting the broken links. We were able to track down the root cause of the broken links and they have all been restored to the correct storage location.


Stay in touch - we need your sharp eyes to keep improving the site.




hi, just a thought and related to my recent post isr-4k-docker-fedora-ova-usrname-amp-pwd 


I am in the process or looking at getting a Linux KVM running on a Cisco ISR router and was directed to this webpage ( from this instruction video from Shabaz@cisco (Deploying Service Containers on the Cisco ISR 4000 Series


i believe you may have help get the relevant team to resolve some broken links when this webpage was reformatted, Shabaz's video shows a slightly different looking page. Shabaz downloaded an ubuntu.ova file to run as a KVM on the Cisco ISR router, but on the current webpage it is now a fedora.ova file. I can install this fedora.ova file but dont have a username and password to log into it. I just wanted to ask if the new file is suppose to be an fedora.ova and if so i dont suppose you can find out what the user credentials are, or should the link be to an ubuntu.ova file as it was before the reformatting. Ideally i would like to obtain a unbuntu.ova from your good selves, but also would be happy with getting into this fedora file. Cheers Martin



The fedora.ova credentials are guest with no password. I'll look into updating the site with this info.

sorry but the link in the section below on page takes you to a video that no longer exists or is private 


                               Explore KVM resources to get started 


Getting started

  Fundamentals of Service Containers




I think the links are now pointing to the wrong files:-

  • the Demo VM link takes you to the Ubuntu.ova file used in ShaBaz instruction video (though its version 14)
  • the Docker.ova file gives you the fedora21.ova
  • the Tiny VM link provides the SCDemo file (which is huge and includes the minecraft server).

I believe the documentation links are also wrong but are aligned to their incorrect files, so to looking to create a ova to run as a service container on the Cisco ISR 4k we have. I am now finally progressing with more success using the document from the Demo setup guide (it gives you the Ubuntu-Building_a_Service_Container.pdf) and an ubuntu1804.iso from their website.


Cisco DevNet.GIF

I have ISR 4321  and i nstall fedora.ova  and i put this configuration :


Router(config-virt-serv-global)#virtual-service fedora
% Virtual service ubuntu install has not completed, please activate the VM after install is completed


so i delete  file  fedora.ova and i try to install ubuntu.ova  



Router(config-virt-serv-global)#virtual-service ubuntu

% Virtual service ubuntu install has not completed, please activate the VM after install is completed


it show the same problem and the same message error  !!!?? 


Router#dir bootflash:
Directory of bootflash:/

342049 drwx 28672 Dec 14 2020 08:09:24 +00:00 tracelogs
358337 drwx 4096 Dec 14 2020 08:04:09 +00:00 virtual-instance
15 -rw- 344320000 Dec 14 2020 07:43:14 +00:00 ubuntu-18.04-server-cloudimg-amd64.o va
260611 drwx 4096 Dec 14 2020 07:34:53 +00:00 SHARED-IOX
325762 drwx 4096 Dec 14 2020 07:34:51 +00:00 license_evlog
14 -rw- 30 Dec 14 2020 07:34:47 +00:00 throughput_monitor_params
18 -rw- 134458 Dec 14 2020 07:34:31 +00:00 memleak.tcl
16289 drwx 4096 Dec 14 2020 07:34:29 +00:00 .prst_sync
17 -rw- 1182 Dec 14 2020 07:34:04 +00:00 mode_event_log
162881 drwx 4096 Dec 14 2020 07:33:25 +00:00 sysboot
374626 drwx 4096 Dec 10 2020 10:16:10 +00:00 .dbpersist
260610 drwx 4096 Dec 10 2020 09:48:46 +00:00 onep
20 -rwx 1314 Dec 10 2020 09:48:13 +00:00
19 -rw- 20109 Dec 10 2020 09:48:13 +00:00 ios_core.p7b
325761 drwx 4096 Dec 10 2020 09:38:48 +00:00 gs_script
16 -rw- 703643960 Dec 10 2020 09:11:54 +00:00 isr4300-universalk9.17.03.02.SPA.bin
97729 drwx 4096 Feb 18 2019 07:21:10 +00:00 core
13 -rw- 0 Feb 18 2019 07:19:41 +00:00 tracelogs.271
81441 drwx 4096 Feb 18 2019 07:19:32 +00:00 .rollback_timer
12 -rw- 486645440 Feb 18 2019 07:08:13 +00:00 isr4300-universalk9.03.16.04b.S.155-3.S4b-ext.SPA.bin
260609 drwx 4096 Feb 18 2019 06:59:24 +00:00 .installer
11 drwx 16384 Feb 18 2019 06:58:26 +00:00 lost+found

3149967360 bytes total (775741440 bytes free)




Router#show virtual-service list
Virtual Service List:




Router#show running-config interface virtualportGroup 1
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 103 bytes
interface VirtualPortGroup1
description managment-Interface
ip address

Router#show run
Router#show running-config | sec
Router#show running-config | section virtual-ser
Router#show running-config | section virtual-service
signing level unsigned
virtual-service install
virtual-service rest_api
vnic gateway VirtualPortGroup2
guest ip address
virtual-service ubuntu
vnic gateway VirtualPortGroup1
guest ip address



so i need a solution for this  problem and for this message error :



% Virtual service ubuntu install has not completed, please activate the VM after install is comp leted  


i wait a reply from expert VM and expert router 4321 !!


I also see that the video is not showing up. I'll look into getting it fixed.

I think the links are still not working, i have observed the following today:-

  • "Demo VM" gives a 32GB ubuntu.ova (i think this should be SCDemoVM.ova)
  • "Docker" provides a 163MB fedora21cloud-unsigned.ova (i think this should be the ubuntu_cloud.ova at 253MB which was available early January 2020 but under a different link and seems to be no longer available.
  • "Tiny VM" provides a 72GB SCDemoVM.ova file which includes a minecraft server (I think this should be the fedora21cloud-unsigned.ova file)


With this said we have now successfully manged to mount the ubuntu_cloud.ova onto a router and deploy our App to it, but this has taken longer than it should mainly because the page is incorrect but also inconsistent.



ubuntu_cloud.ova - username = ubuntu & Password = <blank>

fedora21cloud-unsigned.ova - username = guest & password = <blank>


Cisco DevNet.GIF

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