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I have been comparing the latency performance of the K3P-Q (x100) vs the K35-Q (x40) cards on our systems using the exanic_perf_test application in loopback mode. While the stock image of the K3P-Q has lower latency than the K35-Q, I am finding that ...

andygaj by Beginner
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Hello i want to parse transceiver information from switches via genie but i can't get structured data except "show interfaces transceiver" command and it only works for 9300 model not for likes of 3650 or 2960 series. Commands like;show interfaces tr...

Good morning everyone, I am currently trying to dig an API approach on a 9800-CL, to create Guest Users through API. I tried with my admin user, everything works correctly, the customer is satisfied of the firsts tries and we are going deep in this w...

NIRO-7 by Beginner
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I am trying to create an application for EXANIC X10 and learning about the process.The only material I found is the "Cisco Nexus 3550 FDK User Guide - Overview [Cisco Nexus 3550 Series] - Cisco.pdf".Is there any more detailed material to guide to the...

Ie by Beginner
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Hi guys!I knew in this world of automation, I trying to get an inventory of all AP's that are register in a WLC 5520 - AIREOSThis is part of my code. df = pd.DataFrame()data = {}# obtiene la lista de ips a conectarsewith open("ipdiscoc.txt", "r") as ...

ariask93 by Beginner
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I did "NETCONF/YANG on Nexus" labs and noticed that changes do not get saved to startup-config. NETCONF capabilities of NXOS sandbox do not include ":startup", so <copy-config> operation can not copy running-config to startup-config. What is the othe...

ExaBlaze X10低延迟网卡,安装在Centos8(Kernel 4.18)上。使用ifconfig命令显示网卡的RX-Dropped不断增加。但是直接使用exanic-config工具检查网卡,则发现RXDropped为0。请问两者数据不一致的原因是什么ExaNIC X10的驱动版本为2.2.2

jeffrey-h by Beginner
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Hello, I'm trying to convert our current switch configuration to IBNS configuration for 802.1x with ansible but ran into an issue that i'm trying to figure out.  I can get ansible to write "authentication display new-style" and remove some of the def...

EditWu by Beginner
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I try to install a new nxos image on the C9500 switch using python. I am thinking of using netmiko to connect to the device and issue "install all nxos bootflash:nxos.newversion.bin". Ideally, there should have no intervention for the installation, b...

cxu21 by Beginner
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