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Cisco CPAM door monitoring

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Is it now possible to create a door and only have a door position switch in the door template and be able to monitor this door for door open or door close events.


I know in version 1.3.2  I could build the door this way but was never able to see events on door open or close.



Also is it possible to build a door this way and create a way that if this door is used between a certain time say  8am to 4pm that it generate an alarm and then this alarm could trigger an event to notify someone.

If so on the above items  how.





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Levi Iiams
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Level 1



It is possible, however, to see a Door Forced Open event, you will have to have a lock in the door template as well.  For some reason, you can't get a door forced event without an electric lock in the door template.


As for alarm generation between certain times, this is done by creating or editing an event policy.  You will find Event Policies under the Events & Alarms, Configuration, Event Policies.  Open this window, click add.  Give your policy a title, hit the "Is Alarm" check box.

On left hand side, choose Log Code.  Hit the choose button to the right, and look for the alarm you're going for.  Door Forced Open will be found by scrolling down, and expanding out Cisco Door Events.


Once you are done there, there are two more tabs to the left, Schedule and Device.  Schedule allows you to put this event policy in effect during or not during a schedule.  Devices will let you assign this policy straight to the desired doors. 


I'm pretty sure created policies are always used when present over default policies.  You shouldn't have to edit the default Door Forced Open policy, as long as you apply your new policy directly to the doors in question.



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