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Cisco ip camera 2935 and patterns

Sergey Muravjev
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Level 1

Hi2all !

We use Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager Software 6.3.2 on the servers of MSP 4RU for organization of Video Surveillance. We use a few ip cameras among that there is cisco ip camera 2935. Cameras support patterns (not presets!). How can we use these patterns in Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager 

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Sergey Muravjev
Level 1
Level 1

Help anyone?


"Cisco Video Surveillance Manager User Guide, Release 6.3.2":

Chapter - Configuring PTZ and Joystick Settings -> Configuring PTZ Settings ->Step 4 -> page 3.30

"Patterns (cameras that support the Pelco D protocol)—A pattern is a range of motion over a field of view that you can save as a recorded pattern on the camera, if the camera supports this capability (for example, Pelco Spectra IV cameras support patterns). In VSOM, you can record a pattern by moving the joystick over a field of view and performing PTZ actions while recording. You can then save the resulting pattern. You may be able to save up to eight patterns, depending on the camera model. After a pattern is saved, you can associate the patterns to schedules.

To add or edit a PTZ pattern:

–Choose a PTZ pattern from the drop-down menu (up to eight patterns may be available).

–Click Record to record the pattern and Stop to stop the recording.

The pattern is saved on the camera and played back when you click Go."

But how i can do this: "After a pattern is saved, you can associate the patterns to schedules" ?

I understood how record this pattern but how use it from VSOM ?