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Cisco VSM client installation on new Windows 7 machine

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I have a brand new Windows 7 machine i am trying to get moved into and i went to a Vsom 6.3.2 for the 1st time and logged in and it wanted to install the VSM client as usual.  i selected install   selected next and then it went to a screen that states. Fatal Error. Installation ended prematurely because of an error.   I click ok and it try to prompt to go thru this again.  This just keeps happing over and over.

So i downloaded the install file from the server using my windows xp machine and put the file on the desk top and ran it as administrator from there and had the same effects.

Any suggestions on how to over come this.

I am finding im not liking Windows 7 very much at all.

Thanks in advance


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Ok i found the issue.   In case anyone else runs into this.

The issue was with the vbscript

I was having the same issue installing the Cisco vpn client and after doing some searching i found this link

Which then lead me to the below link.

It ended up being a Mcafee issue.  I had unistalled Mcafee  but i needed to run the mcfee removal tool reboot and then it allowed me to install both.

Hope this helps others out there also

Hi gregl,

Thanks for following up on this after you solved your own problem.  A great majoroity of people do not :-S.  Again, thanks for sharing, and this is good information to keep in mind when configuring these solutions for potential clients.


Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:

That's correct!

What you need to resolve this is to download and run MCPR.exe which is provided by McAfee.

I think that you can find it here: