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Hi All,I have a question about the output from debug vpm signal. So when i tried to debug vpm signal on LMR Router , i found a log "lmr_update_led: amber" . Is it fine if we tried to Push To Talk from and we found the led statement goes to amber. Bec...

                   Please, how install and configure Pelco Sarix in VSM 7.0.1?Número do modelo:TXB-Ndisplays the following error?Operation failed: Media server reported the error failed to stream with new config

I downloaded the VSM 7 recovery cd, set up the boot partition and the iso partition on my usb drive.  The server will boot and give me the option for factory install.  After it starts loading everything I get an error message that says error running ...

Resolved! Camera Bandwidth

Does anyone know of a bandwidth calculator for 2621 cameras? I am setting up some remote sites and need to stream the video back to HQ for a short time (maybe 2-3 weeks).  Thanks, Reid

                   I'm having trouble with the search filter when setting up AD integration. I follow the instructions in the help section and use this filter,                   (&(cn=%USERID%)(memberOf=CN=vsom-admins,OU=Grouper,DC=mycompany,DC=com))...