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Connection failed in Virtual Matrix

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One of the customer is having VSOM/VSM 6.2.1/4.2.1 running with 21 cameras indoor/outdoor dome cameras.

He has a view/monitor with a set of 9 cameras. Howerver one of the cameras shows connection failed when being viewed for the

virtual matrix on a workstation.

The camera showing connection failed is reachable via the network and also shows feeds when accessed directly. Further the camera

is showing video when viewed from the VSOM.

The problem is only while viewing for a VSVM client.

Any reason for this to be happening?

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Level 1
Level 1

It may be the hydra file is corrupt. Try changing the view settings on the desktop viewing the matrix.

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Tried doing that but the result is still the same.

Also deleted and created the same view again but no luck.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Is the client spec according to the VSM workstation client baseline spec?

Are you able to view the same set of cameras through VSOM?



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yes the baseline specs are met on the machine.

the same set of cameras can be viewed from the vsom without any problem.

infact it was working earlier. It went down without any reason. I also trieed giving a restart to the

particula camera and the server itself but no result.

Why dont you try Creating another View/Monitor Only containing this Specefic Camera and try to Run it from the Same Workstation to identify whether this Error is Related to this Camera Feed in General or the Error only appears when it is grouped with the other IP Cameras in the 1st View you created for all the Cameras ??

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