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Several times I’ve run into these questions about IPICS video:How can you associate a live video stream with an IPICS incident without using VSM? These customers have already deployed third party IP cameras and want to make those feeds available in t...

pairwin01 by Level 1
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Has anyone seen that the new Cisco 5000 series cameras wll not pull the proper ip address when you create a Mac Reservation for it based on its mac address as other cameras do.It uses some UID to perform DHCP and this is not listed anywhere on the ca...

gregl_2 by Level 1
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I've had to do this several times now, so i thought i put it on the forum: 1st run this command:  mysql -p bas -e "ALTER table bas_users ADD COLUMN managed TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL;" A second issue may also cause this error message once...

Hi,My name is Moises Rivera from CDW. I have a customer looking for someone at Cisco to hop on a con call next week to talk about the features and functionality of Cisco AVMS. I have contact from Cisco for switching (Ivor D. and Rod O.) but not physi...

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to look over the thread. I need some help getting a pix 501 to port foward to a DVR behind it.The Pix is responsible for the VPN as well, so i am a bit nervous of getting anything wrong on this one. We have a Wid...

Ceejay999 by Level 1
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