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Creating a Wireless IP Setup

Normally when setting up a camera before it is added to the network, someone from our organization uses a simple POE switch to power on and focus the camera. There are areas though where this is not possible (no drop ceiling)  and requires two people talking over the phone to complete this otherwise simple task. Instead of finding another person to assist, here are my thoughts:

Camera: Cisco 5011

Power source: portable battery

To create the wireless network, I would like to use a portable wifi router with the POE injector connected to one of the LAN ports, which is then connected to and powers the camera. I would then like to leave the setup (in attic space for example) and connect to the camera through the wireless network for aiming and focusing.

I have tried different settings and I cannot get this to work.

Is this setup possible and if so, what configuration do I need? Thanks

Scott Olsen
Frequent Contributor

Hi Robb,

I'm ashamed to admit it, but before we had some proper installation monitors, I've done something similar in the past to get IP video on a handheld device over wireless.

I don't quite understand the setup you are trying to describe though.  You mention a portable battery, but then also state you'll put a PoE injector on one of the wireless router (?). Perhaps if you draw a block diagram of how you intend to set this up, I could provide some useful feedback.

Cheers! :-)

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