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Firmware Management STILL Glitchy in VSM 7.7?!?!

Kim Armstead

I am attempting to upgrade firmware on several camera models. I've noticed that after filtering the correct camera model and selecting specific cameras from those listed, completely arbitrary cameras are chosen to be upgraded.  I am unable to find any correlation between the cameras that I selected and the ones submitted for upgrade by the Firmware Management job.

As a work around, I thought I'd upgrade the cameras individually by logging directly into them and upgrading the firmware via the Administration Menu.  I am able to browse to the firmware file that I need and it will appear in the text box when I select it.  However clicking the upgrade button changes the button to a loud blue color, but doesn't submit the firmware upgrade. 

We are running VSM 7.7 on our servers.  The workstations are running Windows 7 and IE 11.

Am I missing something?  Does anyone have a solution??


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Scott Olsen
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

I feel your pain Kim.

I'm assuming you are using IE to access the Web Page of the camera to initiate a firmware update for the individual cameras?

I know this sounds really counter-intuitive, but have you tried using either FF or Chrome to upload the FW?  I seem to recall having hit the same issue previously with some versions of the native camera UIs and believe I was able to get around it by trying another browser for that one specific task.

I have another question too, if you'd humour me?

Have you ever been able to get a current model camera (6XXX, 7XXX) to stream live video, natively, via it's own web interface?  Just curious.


Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:

Scott, I can stream video on 6000s with FF. It took a few plug-ins and about 25 minutes to get going, but it's been consistently working. 


David Shepherd

What firmware version are these cameras running? In my experience if the cameras are running any version below, say, 2.0.2-24 (or 3.2.3 on a 4500E) that I can't actually update them via the web interface in IE 11. What I usually do is press F12 to bring up the Developer Tools, and then under Browser Mode I set it to an earlier version of IE - I often find that setting it as version 5, 6 or 8 will do the job.

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