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Motion Detection not detecting in VSOM 6.3.2, AXIS 241q

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Hi, I am running VSOM 6.3.2 and its currently managing 10 AXIS 241Q encoders and several other Cisco IP cameras..  I've enabled motion detection on dozens of cameras and I've seen it work and send notifications, but there is 1 camera that just won't detect motion.  I've enabled MD on a camera on that same encoder and it works, I just don't know why this one just won't do it.

Steps I've taken so far:

I've tried enabling and disabling the Motion Detecion Event

I've deleted and recreated the MD event

I've made/deleted several windows and adjusted the sensitivity and persistence

I'm stuck and I don't have any other tricks up my sleeve to get MD to work on 1 specific camera.

If MD for some reason won't work on this camera, how do I disable MD on the troublesome camera feed and just have it record 24/7?



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Found a solution.

The camera that was in question was an AXIS camera controlled by an AXIS 241Q encoder.  I had to go into the AXIS WebUI and fine tune the Event configuration -> Motion detection -> Sensitivity and Ojbect size.  After that was done, motion was being detected as intended.

red = motion detected

blue = none

black line = motion threshold

- JP