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Renaming cameras

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Maybe a silly question but, if I rename cameras will this break the archive associated with the camera.  I thought I had seen or heard this at some point but, I tried searching and found nothing on the forums.  I have a lot of cameras that have an "S1" attached to the beginning of the camera name after an upgrade/ replacement of a server and I also wanted to rename the cameras to match physical location since the vendor that installed the cameras didn't have that info when they installed them.  I am running version 6.3.2 at this point and plan a rebuild when we roll to 7 in the spring or summer of next year so if it can't be done without breaking the archives I will wait.


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Hello, not a silly question at all sir.  Very good question.  The short answer is no it will not break it.

What you are seeing on the _s1 is the first stream name of the camera.  In VSM 6.x  there are 3 parts the IP Camera, the Stream and the Archive.

What i recommend is renaming all 3 to match your naming scheme and if you are running 2 streams from a single camera then at the end of the stream name make it _s1 and _s2.

As long as you are just changing the name it will not cause you a problem on the archives.  When you start changing items like bit rates etc  that is when it will stop your archive and start a new one.

thanks and hope this info helps.