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I'm unable to install VSOM 6.3 client on Windows 7 64 bit, Client install program gets stuck in a loop, 4.2 worked fine in Windows 7 64 bit.

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If you look at the documentation for 6.3 at, it says the following:

Client PC

This section provides information about the configuration of a dedicated  client PC. It includes baseline recommendations, which are designed to  ensure that a client PC provides the desired quality of the monitoring  experience.

The performance of a client PC on which you display multiple windows of  surveillance video depends on many variables, including, CPU, memory,  bus speeds, graphics card capabilities, and other applications that are  installed on the client PC. The quality of the monitoring experience  also can vary depending on the type of system used, the number of video  streams being rendered, and the characteristics of those streams.

This section also describes the minimum requirements for any client PC. A  client PC must meet these requirements so that it can install and run  the VSM AXClient and display a single video stream.

For related information, see Video Surveillance Monitoring Workstation Recommended Baseline Specification, which is available here:

Minimum System Requirements

Operating system—Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) with DirectX 9.0 or later

Browser—Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0

Network connection—Gigabit Ethernet (GigE)

VMR—Required for the following features:

High definition video

Motion configuration with motion configuration rectangles

Digital PTZ

Hue, saturation, luminosity, contrast controls

Alpha blending of the VMR toolbar

CVA clip playback

Recommended Baseline Specification


CPU—Intel 950 i7 Core, 3.07 GHz

Memory—6 GB DDR3

Graphics—NVIDIA GeForce GTX260 896MB PCIe

Display configuration—Single monitor or extended mode dual monitors

I know that Windows 7 is not yet supported and this is expected to be fixed in VSM 7. I also know of other customers who have had this same issue - maybe try Win XP with SP 3 and have a look.

Hope this helps.

I know Windows 7 is not supported but is does work with VSOM 4.2.1. we have windows 7 Machines that need to access VSOM, I will not be able to upgrade unless i can get working.

The working of VSOM on unsupported versions is not predictable. When it comes to this - if VSOM works on versions that is not supported then its great but if it doesnt then unfortunately we will not be able to get insight into the reasons why.

There has been a defect filed for this:

CSCtc83190 VSOM is not supported with Windows 7 (

If you are still keen on working it with Windows7 - there is not much that you can try apart from re-installing the client and making sure it goes through without issues.

Over a year now and this still has not been addressed. Must have a ton of dissapointed customers. Heck I can't even get the thing to uninstall after failed install. Also, there should be a WARNING when you connect the first time and it tries to install the activeX telling the user that it is not compatable with Win7!

According to the 6.3.2 release notes

New Client PC Workstation Available

Cisco offers a client PC Workstation, Cisco part number CPS-WORKSTATION,  which is a Solutions Plus of Dell T5500. This workstation includes the  Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and is compatible with VSM 6.3.2.  Be aware that if you want to use an earlier version of VSM with this  workstation, you must obtain the Microsoft Windows XP operating system  and install it on the workstation.

Windows7 should be fine with vsm 6.3.2

Well, I hate to burst any bubbles but the vsm client 6.3.2 is not playing well with my Windows 7 64bit. This is a fresh intall of Windows 7 64bit, fully updated. I am experiencing the install loop as mentioned in the original post. I am using IE8 (run as administrator), I go to the the VSOM machine url, log in, it asks to install the ActiveX, I say yes, It runs thru the install process, I click finish, it tries to intall again, rinse and repeat.

Unless you are telling me that in order to use the vsm 6.3.2 client we have to purchase the workstation?

No, the install problem is something I've seen in the past also.  The way around it is to go into the admin page and then the software download page.

Pull the vsom video client down and install it without trying to do the install from inside IE.

Thanks for the tip Gerald,

Funny thing.. I downloaded the software from another PC (WinXP) to a thumb drive, because of course I can't get the admin page on the Win7 machine because every time I go to the main page it tries to install, and loops.

I tested the install from thumb drive on a Win7 32b machine and it works fine.

Because I couldn't get the software to UNinstall from the Win7 64b machine I blew it out of the water and did a clean install of Win7 64b, ran all the up dates, then copied the vsm client install software to the HD of the new machine.

Ran the install and it seemd to install with no issues, held my breath, clicked finish and wow.. no loop.

I fire up IE8, go to the VSOM url, login and SLAM!! 1st thing it wants to do is install the client software. I click no and it goes into endless loop of asking to be installed. I click yes and it starts the install, asks to modify, repair, remove.. I select any of those options and it goes into the endless loop..

This problem has not been fixed in any way shape or form.

Is your web browser set up to ask before running popups?  For awhile my windows7 system was prompting me but I ignored it.


Thanks for your help. Kept me thinking..

I finally worked my way thru it. The problem is that the vsm client doesn't like IE8 64b.

I uninstalled the vsm client, removed the intallation directory, then reinstalled the client via the downloaded install not the web install.

I then started up IE8 32b, enabled activex controlls, add-ons, and pop-ups for IE8 32b (not very secure, but its on a LAN only). Went to the VSOM url, logged in, and now have the video feeds.

Yes it is set to ask before running popups. If I ignore it, it just sits there with the nice white information bar across the top of the browser and does nothing waiting for me to either click for yes, or click the little red x for no. In either case, as I said above it goes into the endless loop. Its as if the install software is not properly installing whatever it needs into IE8. Or the url of the vsom machine is checking in the wrong place on the client machine for the installed software. And yes each install I've tired I use the defaults.

How long away is VSM 7.1? What do we tell our customers that need to upgrade to Window 7?


I can understand there are a lot of customers moving to Windows 7 (myself included) - unfortunately, this is on the upcoming roadmap and details are being finalised. Till then, we will need to have dedicated PCs that run WinXP SP3 and the other needed client specs in terms of CPU, memory, graphics cards, etc for accessing VSOM.

If it helps, this is a top of mind agenda for the product folks with the large requests from customers and we will definitely see this being addressed.



Has anyone found a suitable work around for this problem?  Since the old version at least worked with windows 7 we have upgraded many and now it doesn't work with 6.3.23 VSM client.