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VSOM App for iPad

Daniel de Varona

Great to see that Cisco added an Android app for use with a Nexus 7 or 10 and Kindle Fire. Any chance that Cisco will release one for tablets that IT people or users actually use? Like an iPad?

Currently I use Live Cams Pro to connect to a few Cisco cams and all of my analog cams connectedvia Axis Q7406 blades. It gives me the live streams but not archives.

Please Cisco, use your powers of innovation (or buy somebody that has these powers) and come up with an Cisco VSOM app for iPad.

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Scott Olsen
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

I've heard something is slated for VSM 7.5 release wrt iOS devices.

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:

I vote the more mobile friendly the system is, the better. The android tablet was a great improvement (though needs some work, doesn't work well with all cameras). I long for the day when I am no longer climbing ladders with a laptop or connected via phone over RDP back to a desktop to dial in a camera.


Not sure you are aware, but it *may* be possible to use the AV cable and an analogue handheld monitor to install your endpoints (we do this all the time).

Pretty much all the Cisco cameras will provide basic NTSC video via the analogue AV breakout cable (can be ordered with the camera).

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:


The product manager, Jen P, told me (at ASIS 2013) that 7.5 would deliver iOS and android with a complete rewrite of the code for both.  Delivery of 7.5 is 1st week of 2014 per same conversation. Jen confirmed release date about a week ago.  We are waiting for the app too.  We did load the 7.2 android app on the Cisco DX650 desk phone. Very cool indeed.  Looks like we'll have to wait for Santa.

Jason Rossi


Yep I have my handy 6" Totevision for about 10 years now (talk about a workhorse!)

But couple things these days:

1) Motorized focus and zoom, as well as my favorite button named "auto focus" necessitate a laptop or remote connection to a PC connected to the system

2) On the newer models once the camera is managed by the VSM the analog connections are disabled

So I can't shake the need to be "in the system" to dial in cameras. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing but good things to say about "why" I have to be in the system (again love that autofocus).

But it would be a very rich improvement to be able to use basic photographic controls from my Nexus 7 (which fits in my back pocket) or an iPad rather than climbing a ladder with a Lenovo laptop in tow.

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