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I opened a case for this as well but wondering if anyone else has run into this.  I am new to configuring cameras so of course my best course of action is compare configuration to an existing one that is working.  I have a 2930 PTZ that came in as a ...

jwood.ok by Level 1
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Hello,A while back I worked with TAC on some issues with VSMS/VSOM and when as we resolved this issue he had me SYNC the servers (we have 4) and this seemed to help make the system work together and smooth out some small issues that I can't remember ...

dean-lamb by Level 1
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Hello Netpros,I am a bit puzzled in regards to the following:1) Video settings(quality,bit rate,size etc) : Do they have to be identical on vsom and on the camera? I suppose that vsom is using the settings as defined while adding the camera and not t...

Hello,I'm going to bring this up to my account team, but posting here as well in the hopes of some +1's from the community.In the past week I had two cameras break. They were still streaming, still recording, but the image was garbage. The lens or so...

I am attempting to re-add a camera using the same name and receive this error:-5 Could not start proxy! Duplicate is, proxy p_s1_BlendTunnel3_1 is already running Be sure to retype the password fields.The feed has been deleted in VSOM and is still ru...

hello,all:     I encounter this question:I hava one MSP-2RU Server.After initial setup wizard with IP address configed as and media server,operations manager(7.0) located in one server. But the custom require to modify IP to 192.168.10.X. ...

I have several servers that have simply shutdown.  As a result, I have to travel to the installation and reboot the server.  As we have several installations, this "solution" is quickly becoming untenable.  Would anyone be able to tell me which log f...

I need help setting up a gateway so that an elevator badge reader only grants acces to 1 floor, not both floors.    Basically, they have 1 reader in the elevator and depending on access depends on whether they can push the button for the 2nd floor or...

I have a New Cisco MSP 2RU Server which i am trying to configure. The problem with the server is that once I power it on it is continuously beeping.No window comes like other servers which i configured. It show insert boot device then press enter. I ...

Hi ,I am facing a problem with VSM 7 .When trying to view Cisco IP Camera 4500 , the following error appears ( Failed to load camera feed , Error message 402 Authorization expired )camera firmware is " 2.4.1-275 "Any Idea ?

Yhya Akef by Level 1
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