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Universal prompt - device management

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I am in the process of making sure we are ready to implement Universal Prompt before the EOL of traditional prompt. One thing I did not notice, until now, was that this would include the stand alone device management portal. I have NO clue how to even go about in updating this, as it was configured before me. We currently host it on an internal server I guess it's Web SDK 2 (once again, no clue). We have a site users can access for this portal. I tried the setting to turn on Universal prompt on for this, but didn't affect/update current page, so it seems there's more that's needed.

I don't think I have a rep or someone to turn to for assistance. I'm throwing a hail mary here because time is winding down.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If you have the device management portal in your environment now that means at some point your organization undertook a development effort to integrate Duo's Web SDK v2 into a web server hosted on your premises.

Updating this on-premises site you host to support Universal Prompt requires a similar development effort by your organization to replace Duo Web SDK v2 with Duo Web SDK v4 in your device management web application. Only when that is done does the setting in the Duo Admin Panel have any effect.

Do you have any notes or change management records from your predecessor that may detail that prior development effort?

If undertaking the development effort to update your existing web application isn't possible for your organization, an option for you is to deploy Duo Single Sign-On and enable device management in Duo Central. That way you can have your users sign into Duo SSO - a website we host, and access self-service device management from there.

Duo, not DUO.
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