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Windows 7 machines not getting DHCP IP !!!!URGENT!!!!!!

We are having a very strange problem , that is we have a lan with 16  vlans and all the vlans have different DHCP for each vlan in the  coreswitch (Cisco 6509) and all the clients in the 16 vlans are windows 7  clients , now the problem is that some machines  are not getting IP Addresses , but if we see the registry settings in  those machines we see that there is an ip address given by the dhcp  server  in the following key of registery

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\THE RELATED NETWORK CARD KEY

this ip is not being shown in the network settings instead  APIPA ip 169.245.*.* is shown here ,

DHCP server configuration are check and verified and they are also ok  , packets are also captured which show the whole process of DCHP  request is ok and dhcps in the core switch is replying back with the ip  address to the machines mac address and that same  ip can be seen in the above given registry value.

Kindly help as soon as possible as already alot of time is wasted in tracing this issue.

Who Me Too'd this topic