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Dual Screen Layout with SX20

Level 1
Level 1

I have two recently installed SX20 units which are registered to a VCS. Both units have the following options installed.





When hosting a three way call one of the units (Site A) displays one remote party full screen on the first monitor and the second remote party full screen on the second monitor. This is how I would expect it to display. However the second unit (Site B) displays both remote parties on the first screen and only displays presentations to the second screen which is otherwise blank. I have compared all of the settings and believe them to be the same for both units.

To further complicate the issue when Site B hosts a multisite call neither unit utilises the second screen for video. Selecting any of the layout options from the touchscreen controller did not result in video being displayed on both screens.

The following settings are configured under Advanced Configuration | Video.

Monitors: Dual

LocalLayoutFamily: Auto

RemoteLayoutFamily: Auto

Any ideas?

Who Me Too'd this topic