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How to enable TOP HTTP, Video and others Top reports?


I'm using SCE8000 with all SCOS, SCA BB and CM using version 3.8.5.

I was trying but I couldn't find how to enable reports based on:





All these next tables are empty and I don't know how to start receving records:













I know that some tables are related to mobile networks but I would like to receive records in the others.

I was reading many documents:

In section Real-Time Aggregating Adapter (Cisco Collection Manager User Guide, Chapter Collection Manager Overview) says that I need the RAG adapter to enable top http and video reports

I have anabled RAG adapter in cm.conf:

# comment-out the "adapter.1" line if you won't be updating a DB


In ragadapter directory I have the http_TUR.xml and video_TUR.xml and ragadapter.xml:


-bash-4.1$ ll

total 36

-rwxr-xr--. 1 scmscm scmscm 4378 Nov  8  2012 http_TURs.xml

-rwxr-xr--. 1 scmscm scmscm  730 Nov  8  2012 ragadapter.xml

drwxr-xr--. 2 scmscm scmscm 4096 Nov  8  2012 repository

-rwxr-xr--. 1 scmscm scmscm 4378 Nov  8  2012 video_TURs.xml

-rwxr-xr--. 1 scmscm scmscm 2037 Nov  8  2012 vlink_BW_per_pkg.xml

-rwxr-xr--. 1 scmscm scmscm 5221 Nov  8  2012 vsa_SURs.xml


In some part (I don't remember the document) I've seen that I need to enable OnlineFlowUsageRDR by typing:

CA-SCE-B(config)#>int li 0

CA-SCE-B(config if)#>tunable GT_REP_OnlineFlowUsageRDR_Enable value true

CA-SCE-B(config if)#>end                                               

CA-SCE-B#>copy running-config-application startup-config-application

Writing application configuration file to temporary location...

Removing old application configuration file...

Renaming temporary application configuration file with the final file's name...


In queue.conf I have the next configuration for RAG Adapter:

# RAG Adapter







So, what's wrong?

Do I need to add other tags in RAG Adapter section of queue.conf?

Do I need to enable any specific RDR from any SCA BB Console or SCE cli?

Which RDRs are involved on thess reports I need?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best Regards,

Alejandro D'Egidio

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